Our diverse chai collection includes the most refined set of international teas.


Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, green tea is a perfect choice for maintaining a healthy body. Cafza offers you a healthy cup of steaming hot green tea with quality ingredients. Our green tea is beneficial for health as it aids digestion and regulates body temperature. We serve authentic tea made of fresh and organic herbs and higher grade tea leaves.


The extra strong mumbai cutting tea is favourite for many. Cafza’s authentic mumbai chai is a perfect blend of ginger, cardamom, fennel with milk and our secret filled tea powder. The mumbai cutting chai or locally known as masala tea is strong in flavour and can stimulate your taste buds with the fresh and heavenly aroma of spices. Our cutting chai is a healer with the capacity to regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol level in your blood. 


The aromatic and soothing cup of a strong ginger chai can enhance your mood in a sip. Cafza uses organic farm fresh ginger to add an authentic flavour to your hot chai. To add an original refreshing taste to your chai we opt for premium quality leaves from the rich ranges of India. Our ginger tea helps you with an easy digestion and soothes your body by enhancing your energy.


The cardamom flavoured chai can soothe the human mind like a beautiful melody. Cafza’s cardamom flavoured chai can give you a creamy yet a consistent taste tea experience. We blend freshly cultivated premium organic cardamom with our higher grade tea leaves to give you a remarkable taste. Cardamom tea aka chai latte has soothing capacity and helps with digestion troubles.


Relish with our healthy chai. Cafza’s herbal tea serves you as an antioxidant and body nourishment as our chai consists of various vitamins and minerals. We make herbal tea by using pure and hygienic ingredients such as dried fruits, herbs, healthy flowers and spices.  Cafza’s herbal tea can help you to prevent diseases and also can redeem your energy. 


Enjoy the sip of malabar’s mohabbat. The light black tea locally known as sulaimani is made of boiling authentic tea leaves with sugar and water. We add some of our favourite secret spice mix to give your sulaimani an amazing flavour. Our tea leaves are made under hygienic conditions and thus serve you with a better taste. We use flavours by mixing the original Indian spices. Enjoy your sulaimani, find your mohabbat, at Cafza.


Cafza’s regular tea is a mix of milk and continuously boiled tea leaves. The deeply coloured, steaming hot and flavoured with your favourites can offer you a happy break. Our indian chai is made using premium quality tea leaves, freshly blended spices and fresh milk. It is flavoured with natural ingredients and offers you an authentic taste. 


The creamy vanilla tea is made of black tea leaves, vanilla extract and cinnamon. This slightly sweet dessert like tea is a favourite for creaminess lovers. We use fresh and higher quality vanilla beans to extract its aroma and flavour. The smell of vanilla beans can relieve nausea and other stomach related problems. It offers relaxation yet a delicious tea experience.


Get chilled with our healthy iced teas. Cafza offers you a various flavoured iced tea with fresh herbs and leaves. Our iced tea is made of higher quality tea leaves, sugar and flavours. It is chilled under a hygienic condition and serves you a calming experience. Our packaging facilities are ensured with safety and capacity to keep the warmth of the food and beverage items. Thus your chilled drinks are safe in our hands. 


The healthiest cup of aromatic spices. Our saffron tea is made of authentic saffron,    cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals, fresh ginger, lemon slices, fresh mint, and black tea is an aromatic tea with rich flavour and taste. Saffron is one of the healthiest spices in the world. We use authentic saffrons to give your tea a healthy backup. It can improve your heart health by maintaining a healthy blood circulation in your body. It also nourishes you with a soothing tea experience.


We offer you delicious rose tea made from petals and buds of fresh rose flowers. The highly captivating aromatic rose tea is a healthy yet soothing herbal beverage. We use the sweetest edible roses to make a nourishing cup of rose tea. 


The authentic kashmiri chai, also known as sheer chai, is made of gunpowder tea (rolled tea balls), sugar, milk and baking soda. The kashmiri chai also known as noon chai is pink in colour and prevents dehydration of your body. It is alluring with aroma and colour and also offers you a consistent taste. It improves your physical and mental health as well as enhances your mood by detoxifying your body.  


The speciality tea in Hyderabad, Irani chai, has a unique taste. It is made of slowly brewed spices with black tea and heavy cream. At Cafza all of your chai thirsts have solutions. We have authentic Irani chai that serves you a heavenly experience. It is a soothing cup of steaming hot chai with tempting aroma, and colour. Tea in common has many health benefits. The addition of Irani chai spices can have more healthy impacts on your body.


The cardamom flavoured chai can soothe the human mind like a beautiful melody. Our elanchi flavoured chai can give you a creamy yet a consistent taste tea experience as we use premium quality cardamom with tea leaves.

the white chai

The most delicate and minimally processed white chai has the healthiest taste. Cafza’s white teas are made with premium quality ingredients. We harvest tea leaves before they are fully open and the young buds are covered in white hairs. The new buds and leaves are carefully  hand picked and dried meticulously to limit the oxidation process. White tea is rich in antioxidants and can prevent heart disease. Our white teas are made of finest quality leaves which can give you a remarkably delicate experience. Cafza offers you a consistent taste with rich flavours, aromas and natural colours.


Relish the authentic chocolate flavour with us. Cafza introduces to you a yummy yet soothing cup of hot chocolate tea to give you an amazing chai experience. Our products offer consistency in taste and rich in flavours. We choose the highest quality ingredients that are cultivated and harvested under a hygienic environment and proper care to offer you an authentic taste of the same. Cafza blend premium quality organic cocoa with our higher grade tea powder. Chocolate teas are a perfect solution for nourishment and relaxation as they are filled with antioxidants, iron and zinc. Cafza’s chocolate tea is a perfect choice for a tea and chocolate lover,


Taste our signature chai made under traditional methods of tea production. Cafza’s orthodox chai is produced with the loose tea leaves that are manufactured in the natural and traditional methods other than involvement of machinery. Thus our Orthodox chai can offer you the original taste and soothing freshness of the authentic Indian tea. Our tea leaves are cultivated at the higher quality farms and harvested by hand. It helps us to provide our orthodox chai with many health benefits as it has a calming effect on the body and boosts mental clarity. 


Fill your heart with the desi paan tea. Cafza introduces to you the aromatic paan tea with betel leaf flavour. Our paan tea is made of health benefiting ingredients such as tea leaves, betel leaves, fennel, dates, peppermint, cardamom and betel nuts. The paan tea is a better ailment for many health issues. It consists of ayurvedic spices and medicines which helps in maintaining blood sugar and cures digestive troubles. Our paan tea is made of quality ingredients and the special blend is created with mastery. We choose a highly hygienic condition of packaging and serving to enhance you a safe and happy cafe experience