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embrace a premium cafe experience at calicut

For the Seekers of Soulful Appetisings

Cafza,  the redefining cafe venture aiming to offer a consistent taste with premium quality is built in our pursuit for a soulful taste. We serve bites of remarkable savoury to give you a magical food experience. At Cafza any food fancier can discover a taste that they cherish.
Cafza is the result of a food exploration. Our talented and ambitious management team has travelled many places to embrace the consistent yet amazingly soothing taste of various food items, especially teas. Thus we focus on building a ready to go cafe culture with higher standard products and services. Our specialised team picks the best raw materials to create our own recipes. We use inputs such as tea leaves, coffee beans, and Indian spices that are authentic and made at a hundred percent hygienic condition.

Why us

Offering a progressive cafe culture with relishing toothsomeness.


Consistency is an important factor in food preparation. 


Get fascinated with the delicious aroma of our freshly brewed chai and coffees.


Cafza promotes the development of a sustainable manufacture and production of food industry.


Quality is the key to having a lasting food experience.


Feel the real freshness at Cafza. We use fresh and authentic coffee beans, tea. 


Eco-friendly packaging is a necessity to build an environment friendly food industry.


Cafza introduces to you an authentic taste of tea, coffee, and snacks at Calicut. Our extensive menu includes various diverse teas made with the certified higher quality tea leaves, and our coffees are enroute to the original premium quality beans cultivated at the best farms in India. At Cafza you find healthiest bits of happy smacks that are spiced up with the authentic Indian spices and chilled with organic Indian herbs.
Our products are characterised with consistency in taste, tenderness in nature and alluring with the incredible smell and texture. As working under the mode of take away only, we ensure a safe and healthy packaging with much care to the texture, and warmth of your favourite delicacies.


Our diverse chai collection includes the most refined set of international teas. Cafza introduces to you a wider range of ‘chai’ made with the higher grade tea powder. We use the premium quality organic tea powders made freshly in the heavenly ranges of West Bengal, Himachal,  Assam and Nilgiris. Our skilled chaiwalas blend the natural authentic spices to offer you a remarkable consistent taste. At Cafza everything is fresh from the farm. We even use fresh and hygienic milk to make our chai more special. 
Cafza believes that chai is not just a pleasure offering beverage. We trust in its power to rejuvenate and enhance the human body. Thus our talented chefs make chai with much care and passion. Our extensive menu of teas includes various healers and mood stabilisers. So set your bar high with our chai.


The black tea

Cafza serves the authentic international black tea with premium quality to stimulate your taste buds. Our black tea is strong with rich natural flavours and colour. The black tea locally known as cuetten chai is made by boiling our higher quality tea leaves with water and sugar. Cafza’s black is an instant mood stabiliser and health enhancer as it is rich with antioxidants. It can improve your gut health and also prevents many many health issues. At Cafza you can relish the authentic flavours of various black tea drinks.


Get caffeinated with our freshly brewed organic coffee. Cafza has caffeine filled beverages and delicacies that can offer you a cherishing taste. Our coffee beans are cultivated and harvested under a proper hygienic condition. We choose the higher grade and premium quality coffee beans varieties such as arabica and robusta that are harvested in the highest hill stations of India. Our coffee beans are properly crushed and brewed into refined powders to offer your drinks an authentic taste and aroma.
Coffee is an internationally recognized beverage. Our products thus keep that quality and consistency to offer you a remarkable caffeine taste. We choose organic coffee beans that have the capacity to enhance your mood, rejuvenate your body and stimulate your taste buds. Cafza prepares coffee drinks and delicacies with professional perfection. We aim to create a sustaining food industry. Thus our products are made with minimal usage of time, energy and cost. Find your perfect coffee partner at Cafza.


hazelnut coffee

The hot and cold brew hazelnut coffee can offer you an aromatic nutty flavour that is sweetful yet bitter in taste. It is made by mixing roasted coffee beans and hazelnut syrup with milk and sugar. We serve hazelnut coffees that are delicious and aromatic as they contain fresh hazelnut extracts. They are good for your health as they can strengthen your bones and reduce joint pains.  They are good for your heart and aids in weight loss too. The tasty cup of hazelnut coffee can be enjoyed in hot as well as chilled state.


Power up with our nourishing cup of delicious smoothies. We have various flavoured smoothies made of colourful organic veggies and fruits. Our team is ready to surprise you with unexpected herbs, spices and frozen creamies like yoghurt and bananas. Cafza ‘s smoothies serve you as both snacks and breakfast. It is a healthy meal that has many health benefits. It hydrates and nourishes your body and mind with rich proteins, vitamins and nutritions. We offer you perfectly blended smoothies with natural sweeteners and flavours. Our brilliant chefs with excellent training can offer you a consistent taste and texture. Cafza provides you with a diverse collection of tasty smoothies made of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our menu includes various summer fruits smoothies, berry mixed smoothies and protein shakes.



Cafza has diverse summer smoothies that are premium in quality, taste and freshness. Our summer smoothie collection includes mango madness made of orange juice, yoghurt, carrot and mango slices. Our strawberry smoothies consist of coconut water, coconut yoghurt, strawberries, peaches and natural sweeteners. Our refreshing summer smoothies offer you a consistent yet relaxing taste with many nutritions and body nourishing ingredients.

fresh organic juices

Fill your heart with the nourishing glass of our refreshing fresh juices. We offer you fresh juice items that are made of seasonal and organic ingredients. We choose higher quality natural fruits and veggies that are cultivated in a hygienic condition. 

carbonated beverages

Feel refreshed with our carbonated drinks. Cafza provides carbonated drinks made of sparkling water, sugar syrup, flavours, organic herbs and leaves. Our carbonated beverages section includes various types of mojitos such as virgin mojito, watermelon mojito, blue current mojito, and diet cokes. 

sweet spicy sour

Cafza provides you a various authentic sweet and spicy delicacies around the world. Our snack bar is rich with aromatic flavours of spices, sauces and herbs. We provide various dishes such as authentic wooden fire pizzas, grilled sandwiches, and cheesy lasagnas e.t.c .